Children’s Dentistry

Our care for your children’s teeth at all times can be summed up in three words – prevention, care and kindness.

As a parent you’ll know that most children are a little nervous about going to the dentist, but you’ll also recognise the importance of regular check-ups and timely dental work when required. So, we do all that we can to make our young patients feel relaxed when they are with us.

Children’s Dentistry

Our dentists are kind, friendly and, when the need arises, even entertaining, because we know that children who feel listened to, involved in the process, are calmer and less nervous next time they need to come see us.

Dental Work

Children’s Dentistry

Children often do not fully appreciate the importance of oral hygiene, which is why we see it as part of our duty to share a little teeth cleaning wisdom every time they visit so they are better able to protect themselves from having to see us too often.

They’re never too young. The sooner you introduce your child to the experience of visiting us, the more likely they are to look after their teeth better and worry about us less. It also gives our dentists an opportunity to spot issues with gums, teeth and positioning early enough to correct them.

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