Children's Orthodontics

At SameDay Dentist, our orthodontic approach goes beyond merely adjusting tooth positions; it embodies a wholly distinct ethos.

Dr. Ramona Mateas General Dentist with Special Interest in Children Orthodontics

Dr. Ramona Mateas, our practice owner and principal dentist, has recently developed a keen interest in Orthodontic Treatments for Children, while maintaining her extensive experience in various other areas of dentistry, including endodontics, restorative dentistry, prosthetics, facial aesthetics, and cosmetic dentistry.

Initial Appointment
During your first appointment, we gather crucial information about your orthodontic needs.

  1. We begin by taking intraoral and extraoral photographs in our photo studio.
  2. We require a full mouth radiograph (OPG) and a lateral ceph radiograph. If you have these recent radiographs from another source, we can use them. If not, we can perform them in our practice. These radiographs help us analyze skull growth, mandible size and position, maxilla width, tooth size, and many other measurements and ratios.
  3. We’ll also scan your teeth to show you their appearance and how they come together. No more uncomfortable trays with impression material; we use a modern approach. The information collected is sent to our lab for analysis, and we’ll schedule a second appointment once we have all the measurements.

Second Appointment
In the second appointment, we’ll provide a diagnosis and a provisional treatment plan.

  1. We use the term “provisional” because every mouth is unique, and your bones, gums, and teeth can change over time. We want to ensure that we adapt to any changes promptly.
  2. You’ll receive an estimate of the treatment duration for your child and the associated costs.
  3. We offer multiple payment options to help you make the best decision for your child.

After this appointment, you’ll have time to think about the plan, and we’ll be available to address any questions or concerns.

Treatment Phases:

(Phase 1):

In this stage, we focus on the individual arches (maxilla and mandible) to remodel the bone and stimulate growth, ensuring there's enough room for all your teeth. The duration varies depending on the complexity but typically ranges from 9 months to 1.5 years. You may require appliances for both the upper and lower arches, and the number and type of appliances can vary.

Harmony of Arch Alignment
(Phase 2):

In this phase, we ensure that the upper and lower arches are in harmony with each other, and the vertical dimension is correct. This phase generally takes between 6 and 12 months.

(Phase 3):

The final phase occurs as your child transitions from mixed dentition to permanent dentition. Here, we focus on aligning each tooth perfectly within the arch, ensuring they are in their natural positions. Unlike earlier phases, this phase concentrates on tooth alignment.

Tooth Size Consideration:
When the permanent upper central and lateral incisors have erupted, we measure them to determine if your child has larger-than-normal (macrodontia), smaller-than-normal (microdontia), or normal-sized teeth. Early identification is crucial because larger teeth may require early intervention to create space for them. Sometimes, this may involve interproximal reduction or extractions as a last resort. We aim to preserve healthy permanent teeth and use orthopedic approaches to create necessary space, rather than extracting teeth whenever possible.”

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Not everyone is happy with their smile, keeping it hidden from the world because of gaps, an overbite, crooked or overcrowded teeth. There is a simple, painless and affordable solution, no matter your age.

Metal Braces

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Clear Braces

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Damon System

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WIN System

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Cool Number

Some of the orthodontic treatments are cheaper than others, some are almost entirely invisible, some work faster than others and some use state-of-the-art tech. In our consultation with you we will explain the options available to you, the results to expect in time and the timeframe to achieving your more confident smile – then the choice is yours.


We will be with you all the way – here to offer advice, guidance and support when needed – because orthodontics treatments should be considered a journey that we go on together, a journey to rediscover your smile.

Children's Orthodontics

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